The Coming One


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...I want to say that this book not only brought me over and over again to the point that I thought I already knew, that I used to say I knew. What I already knew, it illumined once again and brought me a new point of view and a depth, in order for me to realize, that one cannot claim to know something so perfectly, that one could not find new inspiration, and new thoughts, and that is the beauty of the book, "The Coming One."

The current generation is walking in a vacuum, and is walking, I'm afraid in the wetlands, and in the swamps, trying to reach something that no longer exists, and instead it finds chaos and disappointment. This is, the need is in this, that this is, and I say this with full awareness of my seventy-five years, that this is the stable land and stable soil under one's feet. And whoever wants to find the stable land, will find it here...

We hear alot about Jesus Christ, and of course this person truly influenced the history of the world in an important way, but what was Jesus really like? What did he really teach and what was his mission? Will he return like he said he would? This book tells the exciting life story of Jesus. Experience it with us!

Audio book, The Coming One, was narrated by actor, moderator, and public speaker, Alfred Strejcek


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One of the most interesting books I have ever read. It helped me organize life priorities.

Lubos B.

I would recommend the book, "The Coming One" to anyone who wants to get to know this interesting person, and to those who desire a change for the better in their lives.

David S.

This story answers questions and explains the peculiar age we live in. If we want to change the world for the better, we must start with ourselves. Just like The Coming One did.

Michelle D.

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About the project

The book in a very special way presents the life and work of someone, who without question influenced the history of humanity - Jesus of Nazareth. His life still has an influence today on our thinking, philosophy, history, culture, music, and other areas of art, but above all on our moral and ethical positions. His teachings which came from ancient Jewish writings became the foundation of systems of law and influenced the economical growth of all countries where christianity entered. Even beyond the historical effects of Jesus' life, his person is still covered in mysteries. No one has had so many followers, but at the same time so many persecutors. Even though almost all of us have heard something about Jesus, we rarely have the chance to immerse ourselves in such a complete picture, that is offered in this book.


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